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If you still have questions, or you just want to know as much as possible before getting in touch, then you’re in the right place!

Here’s a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions I’m most commonly asked, complete with in-depth answers.

As always though, if there’s something else you want to know, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’m always happy to chat.

If you’re ready to refresh your house and turn it into the beautiful home you know it can be, but you’re not sure how to get there or you just don’t have time to think about it, then you need an Interior Designer!

An Interior Designer will work with you, your architect and/or builder, your tradespeople and suppliers from concept to completion to help you transform the most important areas of your home. Interior Designers are trained in spatial planning, considering how you live, taking into account the aspect of your home or space and designing to improve the liveability of your home.

The final result won’t only be beautiful, but it will also make sense. In short, an Interior Designer will make the infamously difficult process of renovating easy!

Renovating and designing your home is a process that should be all about you, but let me say, I love this question! It tells me you’re keen to find your own style, which is all that matters because it’s not my home – it’s yours!

The first step in renovating is always understanding your needs and your style, and that’s surprisingly easy to do. I come armed with loads of questions for you, the kind of questions where the first thing that pops into your head is usually the most important.

I promise, it won’t be too hard to figure it out, and I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

I hear you! Having renovated two of our family homes, I know how overwhelming deciding on (and agreeing to) taps and door handles, paint colours and kitchen cabinets can be.

Aside from being overwhelming, it just has a way of taking up SO much time! Which let’s be honest, none of us have. Over the years though, I’ve built longstanding relationships with a bunch of incredible suppliers here in Brisbane, so I can go straight to the source for your project.

Once we’ve figured out your style and your renovation goals, I can get samples that I know you’ll love direct from the supplier and bring them straight to you! No weekends running from warehouse to warehouse, no getting overwhelmed when you’re faced with thousands of tile designs, just good design at your doorstep.

And don’t worry, if you aren’t keen on the first selections I make for you, I’ll listen to your feedback and source alternatives until everything is just right.

To find out more, please contact me or peruse my Design Services & Process information.

Firstly, don’t worry! Feeling this way is totally normal, so many of my clients say to me, “this design stuff just isn’t my thing!”.

Let me put your mind at ease though, when we sit down to look at samples, you will definitely know what you love and what you don’t. I’ve seen it so many times!

It always makes me smile seeing how pleasantly surprised clients are when it comes to the ease of making decisions! I really believe seeing a curated selection in your home makes all the difference!

Unfortunately, there’s no hard and fast answer to this question! It really depends on the size and scope of your project, as well as your personal circumstances.

Renovating a kitchen? Okay, you won’t have your cooktop, oven or dishwasher during the renovation. How do you feel about cooking on your BBQ or getting friendly with your microwave? Regardless, it’s a great idea to get the conversation started!

Once we have an idea of your renovation goals and needs, it’s easier to formulate a plan for moving forward. That includes timelines and making decisions about whether to find temporary accommodation or not!

Absolutely! We tend to accumulate the most stuff in our kitchen, bathroom, laundry and storage areas. The good news is, these are my specialties!

As a Mum, a professional, a ‘normal’ person moving through life, I know how easy it is to accumulate stuff over the years – and I know how overwhelming facing up to all that stuff can be. Don’t stress though, a big part of renovating is figuring out what you really need and want, then making space for those things!

I’ll work with you to design a space made especially for you, where function is just as important as aesthetic.

That said, sometimes you just have too much stuff, and a renovation is the perfect opportunity to minimise and declutter.

If this is something that you’re interested in, then let me know when you first get in touch! Minimising and decluttering are a special, additional service that I can offer you during your renovation. It’s part of the journey to making your home a truly beautiful and relaxing place where you and your loved ones can spend time together.

Over time, I’ve built relationships with tradespeople who I trust 100%. Part of the service I offer is being able to refer you to tradespeople who I know will give their all to your home renovation, because I know how important this project is to you.

That said, if you have your own preferred trades, of course, I will work with them to create your dream space as well!

The key thing here is that hiring an Interior Designer will only be of value if the tradespeople are willing to work with the designer to deliver the best outcome.

If you choose to use your own trades, please make sure they’re committed to a fully collaborative approach – not just with me, but with you as well!

Generally, the term “Project Manager” refers to the builder’s role under his contract with you.

As an Interior Designer, my role is to work with you to create your design intention, and to ensure the tradespeople carry out that intention.

For example, if we’ve decided the bathroom tiles would look best laid in a vertical pattern, this is your design intention, and I’d coordinate with your builder and tiler to make sure that’s achieved!

The same scenario applies for everything design-related, including finishes, fixtures, fittings, layouts and cabinetry design.

Definitely not! An Interior Designer is so much more than what you see in reality TV shows.

What an Interior Designer actually does is bring their expertise and experience to a renovation project to make the process easy and turn your dreams into reality.

If you’re looking to renovate, I’ll work with you to create personalised functional layouts and design solutions for your family home. The final result will be a space where you don’t just live, but where you truly want to spend time.

Not to mention, more and more ordinary (I know you’re not ordinary, but you know what I mean!) Brisbane homeowners are realising that this is a service that will not only make their life easier, but that they can also afford.

Not as much as you might think. My fees are based on the size and scope of your project, and my proposals are tailored specifically to your individual needs.

I’ll provide you with detailed documentation and promise a fixed fee once we’ve finalised the scope of the agreement. When you work with me, there will be no nasty surprises or additional fees!

For more specific information about pricing, click through to my Services page or of course, feel free to get in touch.

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Love Letters

“My expectations were exceeded with the depth of information Verona sought at our Design Brief meeting. I feel that she really endeavoured to get to know how we live and what our aspirations were for our ideal kitchen.”
Debbie C.
“We would definitely recommend Verona to our friends and family as she provides such personal assistance, is invested in the outcome of the project and goes the extra mile to ensure the final result is want you wanted it to be.”
Sarah A.