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Top 10 things to consider before Renovating your Kitchen

So, you’re thinking about a kitchen reno and wondering how on earth to budget for something you have no idea about! It’s a pretty common question that I’m asked by clients all the time! But it’s a very important question to ask.

Where do you start? My first piece of advice, and probably THE most important, is don’t start any renovation work without research and planning… it could end up costing you a WHOLE lot more in the long run.

Here’s a very general, but pretty detailed checklist of things you may need to consider when you’re planning and budgeting for a kitchen reno.


FOOTPRINT: Do you want to change the footprint of the kitchen? This can have a domino effect on the floors, whether they’re tiles or timber.


LOOK & STYLE: Do you know what materials and finishes you’d like for your new kitchen?


CABINETRY LAYOUT: Do you need to increase storage by incorporating internal storage solutions?


SPLASHBACK: Do you prefer:


APPLIANCES: The majority of cabinet makers and kitchen companies obviously don’t include the cost of your appliances in a kitchen quote...but that’s actually where I start!! Before I can design your layout, I ask my clients a lot of detailed questions about their cooking requirements and how they use / want to use their kitchen. So make sure you consider the following:








LIGHTING: This involves both artificial light as well as natural light.


ACCESSORIES: Not necessarily the most expensive items on the checklist, but certainly need to be included in your budget.


This isn’t a complete checklist of all the things that I go through with my clients when we’re planning a kitchen reno, but it is pretty comprehensive and will give you a great head start during the planning process before you start getting quotes from suppliers, retailers, and trades.

If you need a bit more help or guidance during the planning and designing process, please give me a call to arrange for a complimentary “Meet & Greet” appointment. We can have a chat about your ideas and see if you’d like to work with me – my services in design, sourcing, selections, quoting and project facilitation will take the stress out of renovating, save you time and money, and make the experience so much easier.

You can download this checklist in PDF here:


You can download this exact checklist (PDF) to have on hand here: