Project Diary

Producing The Clients Vision

When you tell your Interior Designer “I just want it all open”…then that’s what you get!

It’s such an amazing feeling when you, as the homeowner and your interior designer just “get” each other. As the client, you can kind of express what you want, kind of explain what you like…but just don’t know how to create the whole vision.

We have a process that has had proven success again and again in interpreting your wish list into a tangible vision, and our clients love how this process brings their loose ideas to life!
We take the time to get to know you and how you live in your home…to understand how your existing space doesn’t meet your needs, and work with you to create something amazing that you were only able to imagine.

Our Kalinga client loves get togethers with friends and family on the back deck, but always felt disconnected from the conversation because of the closed off kitchen. With these impressive bi-fold windows and the soon-to-be installed spotted gum bench tops and servery, she’ll soon be able to enjoy the uninterrupted company of her guests.

Are you thinking about renovating? Are you unsure of what will work?

Do you have ideas but can’t quite figure out how to communicate your vision to a builder?
We are the missing link between you and the builder for helping your vision take shape AND we take all of the hard work out of the renovation planning process!

Before and After Shots:

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Keep an eye out for how the project is progressing!


Let’s create your dream home, together.


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