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Planning a Bathroom Renovation?

Bridgeman Downs renovation planning

Although bathrooms are small spaces, a lot of planning and preparation needs to go into a bathroom renovation. My clients at Bridgeman Downs on Brisbane’s northside had a very specific wish list for their ensuite:

And for the main bathroom:

Meeting with clients to create a Design Brief is the first step to understanding their individual needs and tastes. Everyone has different ideas and ways they like to use their bathroom. Bathrooms are no longer just the little room to shower and shave! Instead, they are becoming a space of relaxation and rejuvenation; a place for winding down at the end of the day with a warm, scented bath, a glass of wine and a few candles so you can dim the lights.

How do you use your bathroom?

Finding out how my clients use their bathroom also includes considering design elements like the size of a shower niche big enough to store your shampoo, liquid soap, shaving gel, and assorted shower items. And what about storage for all of the other bits and pieces we seem to accumulate in our bathrooms…makeup, deodorant, hairspray, hair dryers, razors, toothbrushes…and all the other items I know I seem to hoard in my own bathroom!

Lots of decisions to make ...

There are so many decisions to be made about the style, finish, functionality and positioning of tapware and shower fittings; the shape and size of the basin; colour, size and surface of tiles; tile lay pattern and grout colour; lighting requirements; positioning of accessories like towel rails; whether a wall-hung or floor standing vanity will best suit the space; how to maximise storage and that’s just the pretty stuff you see in the “after” photos! Behind the walls and under the floor, there’s a lot more that your builder and plumber will need to consider.

I'm here to make it easy and stress-free!

Working with my clients who are often busy working full-time; running their own businesses or have family commitments that take up a lot of time , I source and select everything… tiles, tapware, and cabinetry finishes, as well as designing the new layouts and creating a colour palette that they’re going to love…bringing everything to them so they can make their final decisions in the comfort of their own home and without the hassle of having to do all of the running around.

If you’re busy with work and family like my clients are and would rather go camping on the weekend than visit tile and plumbing showrooms, get in touch for a chat to find out how I can help you design your new bathroom and give you that “luxury day spa” experience in your own home! I’d love to hear from you!

Here are some of the “before” photos of the two original bathrooms from the wonderful 80’s era! They’re looking just a little dated and it’s definitely time for a bit of a luxury makeover bathroom renovation.

Before Shots:

Click on the images below to enlarge and scroll through the gallery. 

Keep an eye out for how the project is progressing in the coming days!

After Shots:

Follow through to see the progress of Bridgeman Downs renovations here.


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