Project Diary

Kitchen Renovation Concept – 3D Whitebox

A Blank Canvas

As it can be difficult to visualise how your new space will look, 3D renders are offered as part of our design service. A Whitebox 3D render can be a great place for clients to start as it is essentially a blank canvas that allows clients to focus on the functional design aspect of their room.

Offering our clients a Whitebox 3D version of their kitchen design eliminates the distraction of colours and materials. The first stage of floor plan and  cabinetry design can be determined before moving on to internal storage solutions, finishes, lighting, electrical plan and handle hardware.

Of course as a designer, I already have all of those elements figured out! But for clients, it can be overwhelming to make decisions on everything at once.

This kitchen transformation is limited by the existing floor plan which the clients insist be kept, however, improving the layout and creating functional zones will make this kitchen an absolute dream for this young family.

Keep an eye on upcoming posts for our Warner Project to see what direction we take with colour!

The Benefits of Renders

Offering 3D Renders to my clients is just one part of my process and has been a great way to help clients visualise everything and feel more confident in making decisions in our final selections. We’re still playing around with a few different options, so we’d love to see your comments and feedback!

3d Render Gallery

Click on the images below to enlarge and scroll through the gallery. 

Before Gallery

Here are the before pics of this kitchen that is in dire need of an overhaul.

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