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Bridgeman Downs Ensuite & Bathroom

Ensuite Bathroom Progress Pics...

Here’s an update on how the Bridgeman Downs ensuite and bathroom renovation is progressing.

A big shout out to Travis from Travis Bridgewood Builder for his great management of the building process and his hard working trades, as we are in week 4 of the renovation and we’re on track for final fitout and completion tomorrow!

Here are a few pics showing the progress from demo day, through to sheeting up, waterproofing, initial cabinetry fit-out and tiling.

As sometimes can happen prior to a renovation getting underway, there can be some unknown “surprises” uncovered once the old tiles and fixtures are removed. In this case, the old spa bath had been leaking, and unfortunately the original waterproofing from the 80’s didn’t hold up. The water damage to the floor wasn’t significant at this stage, but had the renovation been done at a later time, it’s possible that the floor would have been so compromised that a filled spa bath with a relaxing client could have dropped through the floor to the kitchen below! 😲

All repaired and back on track with no further unfortunate surprises.

The clients love their spa bath, so a beautiful, modern 12 jet Decina spa has been installed, and they also wanted to “upgrade” to a large double shower with a bench seat and plenty of storage. We’ve been able to fulfill the wish list, with a few other wish list fittings to come!

Before Gallery

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After Gallery

Keep an eye out for the next installment of pics coming soon…!

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